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Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas
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Free Estimates Available
35+ Years Experience
Competitive Rates
Increase Privacy, Comfort, and Reduce Energy Bills

Professional Residential Window Tinting Calgary

If you’re looking to get your home tinted, look no further! At Tap And Tint, you’ll get the best service possible. Whether you want enhanced privacy, security film, shatter protection, or increased energy savings, Tap And Tint has you covered.

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We strive for excellence, which is why we're the highest rated window tint installers in Calgary.
Free Limited Lifetime Warranty
Our residential films include FREE Limited Lifetime Warranty. Conditions apply, contact for info.
35+ Years Experience
Leverage our experience in residential window tinting to ensure a perfect and durable finish every time.
Efficient & Reliable Service
Our crew is committed to quite, timely and efficient service to minimize disruption in your home.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Interior & Exterior Residential Window Tinting Films

Solar Window Film

Reduce hotspots & take more control over interior temperatures with solar window film like VISION™ Clear View Plus. Solar window films also protect residential interiors & occupants from harmful, damaging UV rays.

Privacy Window Film

Increase interior privacy and reduce heat while improving your home’s aesthetics with our highly reflective silver and bronze films. Privacy window film is perfect for nosy neighbours and neighbourhoods with high traffic. 

Decorative Window Film

Add some style while improving the privacy of any room in your residence with decorative window film like VISION™ White Frost, Blackout or Whiteout Window Film. Decorative window film is perfect updating & improving all types of residential glass.

Safety & Security Film

Prevent glass breakage, deter unauthorized entry & stop intrusion before it starts. VISION™ Safety & Security film can be applied to windows, glass doors, and entryways to protect your residence & secure belongings.

Antimicrobial Film for Home Controls and Touch Screens

With the rise in popularity of smart homes & IOT devices becoming integral for many, the need for antimicrobial protection is growing. Protect touch screens, displays & control pads throughout your home with RX™ Antimicrobial Film.

Surface Protection Film for Counter Tops and Appliances

Don’t let surfaces & finishes take a beating. Home appliances, countertops, cabinets and more can be protected with the same type of impact resistant protective film that keeps cars, trucks, and watercraft looking their best.

Home & Kitchen Countertop Surface Protection Film

Protect, preserve, and restore all types of surfaces throughout your home & kitchen with durable, long lasting protective film. ULTIMATE PLUS™ & STEALTH™ PPF are available in a large selection of lengths & widths, so you can protect marble, granite, and other surfaces from scratches, staining, and more.
High Gloss or Satin Finish
Impact & Scratch Resistant
Self-Healing Top Coat
Multiple Thickness Options

More Reasons Why Calgary Loves Us

Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas
Free Limited Lifetime Warranty
Free Estimates Available
35+ Years Experience
Competitive Rates
Locally Owned + Operated
We're locally owned and operated, which means that we take our client experience serious and are always open to improving based on your feedback.
Protect Your Investment
Prolonged sun exposure can discolour floors to walls, paint, and more - ensure the longevity and performance of your home with our high-quality window films. By improving energy efficiency, increasing security, and enhancing aesthetic appeal, our solutions deliver tangible value. Protect your most precious investment – request with a free quote today.
Unmatched Quality
We set the bar high with our workmanship. See it in our portfolio of successful projects and hear it in the testimonials of our satisfied clients. For a finish that stands the test of time, trust us.
Same Day Estimates Available
We do our best to accommodate same day estimates.
Superior Materials
The heart of our services lies in the superior window films we use. Durable and high-performing, they not only elevate your windows' aesthetics but also promise a longevity that reduces future maintenance.
35+ Years of Film Install Experience
Years of industry expertise stands behind us, making our track record an assurance of our commitment and proficiency. Benefit from our honed skills and experience with every project.
Customized Solutions
No two homes are alike, and neither are our window tinting solutions. We cater to your unique aesthetic and practical needs with a wide range of styles and shades, delivering a tailor-made solution perfect for your home.
Helps Increase Resale Value
Our clients love us because our residential window tinting films help preserve interiors for a lifetime, while improving the energy efficiency of their home - all leading to a potentially higher property resale value.
Fast and Efficient Service
Your time at home is precious. Our team respects that. Trained for efficiency and precision, we ensure a seamless application with minimal disruption to your "me-time".
Enhanced Security & Privacy
Increase your home's security and privacy with our window films. Designed to fortify windows against shattering and prying eyes, they still let natural light flood your space.
Transform your windows into a reduced energy bill. Our films block excessive heat, reducing reliance on air conditioning, lowering energy costs, and helping you stride towards your green goals.
Exceptional Value
We balance competitive pricing with uncompromised quality. But our window tinting services offer more than just that. With reduced energy costs, your investment pays itself off over time.
Dedicated Client Service
Experience customer service that leaves no stone unturned. From easy scheduling to transparent communication and robust after-sales support, we make your journey with us smooth and pleasant.
Unquestionable Professionalism
Professionalism is the cornerstone of our service. We maintain it from your first consultation, through project completion, to the follow-ups, assuring you of reliability and capability.
Free Limited Lifetime Warranty
Our confidence in our services extends to you with a comprehensive warranty. A testament to our commitment to quality, it provides you peace of mind and protects your investment.

Choose us for residential window tinting that aligns with your priorities, saves money, exceeds your expectations, and goes beyond mere aesthetics.

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Serving Calgary & Surrounding Areas
Free Limited Lifetime Warranty
Free Estimates Available
35+ Years Experience
Competitive Rates

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