Deposit Policy


Learn about our deposit policy and how it works.

Why do you require deposits?

There are two reasons we require deposits.

1. To deliver the best possible client experience

What makes Tap and Tint a unique and popular choice in Calgary is the flexibility and convenience we offer, unlike most tint installation shops (where it’s only their terms). 

Combined with our world-class workmanship and standard of excellence, Tap and Tint always strives to deliver the best possible client experience.

In order to maintain an exemplary client experience and serve the market to the best of our ability, we allow you to reserve a timeslot.

Since we have a limited number of daily slots and we do our best to service same-day appointments, we require an upfront deposit to secure your spot. 

When you book at Tap and Tint, your timeslot is reserved for you, and you alone. 

The last thing we want is your tinting installation to get delayed because someone else kept taking up available slots due to constant rescheduling.

Deposits are a great way to ensure your vehicle gets the attention and love it deserves – from start to FINISH.

2. To save your time

All our tint installs are pre-cut using a top-of-the-line Graphtec FC9000 plotter.

Where most shops hand-cut their tint films, we use machine-cut layouts combined with world-class software to ensure there are ZERO errors or imperfections when installing your tint film.

Our mission is to deliver a superior client experience and a perfect install – so when your friends and family ask you where you got your tints done, referring us is effortless.

3. To deliver the best possible work environment

Where our competition invests in self-promotion or other areas, we invest directly in our team.

This means we invest in their skills, training, tools, work environment, and job satisfaction. 

Deposits give our team the confidence that their time will be spent serving Calgary, rather than sitting around hoping an appointment shows up.

How It Works: Deposit Terms

Since we make our booking calendar public and have limited availability, we use this deposit to hold your spot and reduce the number of ‘bad’ appointments.

  • Once your tinting install is complete, your deposit will be applied as a credit towards your final invoice/payment. You may cancel or reschedule your appointment at any time with minimum 48 hours notice, using the link provided in your appointment confirmation email.
  • A confirmation email with your appointment information will be sent to the registered email address once your appointment has been confirmed.
  • If you cancel or reschedule 48 hours or more before your appointment time, you can apply it towards your next appointment or get a refund your deposit towards your original payment method within 3-5 business days.
  • If you fail to give us 48 hours cancellation/rescheduling notice before your confirmed appointment time, you forfeit your deposit.

We retain the right to reschedule or cancel appointments as necessary. If we reschedule or cancel your appointment after it has been confirmed, you are entitled to a refund of the deposit or you can use it as a credit towards your final invoice/payment.

Deposits are used as credits towards your final payment when:

You show up at the confirmed appointment time (within 15 minutes of appointed time)
Your tint installation is completed successfully
You reschedule your appointment with minimum 48 hours notice (either using the link provided in the appointment confirmation email or by speaking with our team on the phone)
Tap And Tint reschedules your appointment after it has been confirmed

Deposit refunds can be requested when:

You cancel a confirmed appointment with minimum 48 hours notice
Your appointment gets cancelled by Tap And Tint due to no fault of your own
We're unable to complete your tint installation due to supply, space, or staff shortage

Deposits are forfeited (non-refundable) when:

No Shows: You fail to show up within 15 minutes after your confirmed appointment time without providing 48 hours notice
You cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 48 hours notice

Questions? We're here to give you the clarity you need.

If you have any questions or need clarification on Tap And Tint’s deposit policy, you can always email us at hello@tapandtint.com, send us a message using the chat, or text us at (587) 210-2120.

PS: Did you know that you get FREE Lifetime Warranty on any window tint installation at Tap And Tint? Plus if you’re still not happy with our workmanship and service, you simply don’t pay!

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